Sarah J. Maas Event – Empire of Storms Tour

If you’ve been reading my posts, then you probably know that I have been excited about meeting Sarah all summer. The other day, it finally happened! She was in London as part of her UK tour for Empire of Storms (I have a review for that, by the way). I was there and now I’m just going to fangirl about it because I had such a wonderful time.


Sarah is such a lovely person. And let me tell you, she is hilarious. I laughed through most of the evening. She’s so chill and fun and totally my spirit author. If Pottermore had a quiz for discovering your spirit author, mine would be Sarah. She is just as obsessed with Legoals as I am, just as obsessed with dogs and just as obsessed with Rhys as I am! She was talking about how she was pretty much in love with Legolas in high-school and I was just like “PREACH!”.


Also, she pronounced my name right! All my life, people have been mispronouncing my name, so I was so happy that she pronounced it right! Though I suppose she’s got a talent for pronouncing unpronounceable names. By the way, I just found out how you’re supposed to pronounce Manon’s name. I had been pronouncing it wrong forever. I’m not really sure how to phonetically spell the pronunciation, but it rhymes with Vuitton.


Her husband was there as well, he stamped my book. He seemed nice. Sarah had a wrist injury, so we could only get one book personalised (I got ACOMAF because of reasons) and one stamped. I want to eventually get all of her books signed because she’s just so lovely and that would be so cool.

She talked a lot about both ACOTAR and ToG, but the coolest thing she said is that she sees as the two series as part of the same like multiverse. So while they don’t take place in the same world, it would be theoretically possible to open a Wyrdgate to the Night Court, for example. She assured us that won’t happen, of course, but I find the idea to be really cool.


Yeah, this is a very very rambly post, mostly just me fangirling, but I hope you enjoy the pictures.Even though I sadly only had my phone to take photos and therefore, they are not the best quality. Also, I am too scatterbrained right now to write down everything that she talked about, but if you do have any  questions, you can leave them in the comments and I’ll see whether I can remember her saying anything about them.

As a side note, I just finished reading Crooked Kingdom. Review of that coming soon. That book left me wounded, guys. I don’t really know what to do with my life right now.


8 thoughts on “Sarah J. Maas Event – Empire of Storms Tour

  1. OMG!!! That sounded like an AWESOME experience! I totally would’ve wanted to meet her too! And yeah she probably does have a talent at spelling names 😅

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