My Dream Crate

A few weeks ago, I learned that Loot Crate was interested in getting people involved in a project. If you don’t know what Loot Crate is, it’s a pop-culture related subscription service that has a number of different crates you can subscribe to. They’re looking for fans like you and me to talk about our dream crate ideas. I love the idea of subscription boxes, however sometimes, they can be disappointing. So I’m going to tell you today what a box that would have me fangirling for a month (until the next one came along) would look like. This will be a long post.

Because I love so many things, it’s difficult for me to pick one theme. So I thought, why not mix together some of my favourite things. Because I recently saw Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them and I LOVED it, this will be the main theme of my crate. And in the spirit of Newt, we must have a magical container for our magical stuff. I love puzzles, so what would be cooler than a Japanese puzzle box as the ‘magical’ container. They have more than one compartment, so in our own Muggle way, we made them bigger on the inside! And the multiple compartments are perfect for having additional mini-themes!


So, the main compartment of the box would have Fantastic Beasts related stuff. A T-shirt is necessary, maybe a poster and something cool like a MACUSA officer badge or a Swooping Evil locket (one that starts out as a little ball that harbours a little Swooping Evil inside!). Or both a MACUSA officer badge AND a Swooping Evil. It’s a magical box, it can all fit!


Next, my box would have a couple hidden compartments that would each have it’s own mini-theme. Like one compartment could have an anime/maga theme and could contain something like Light’s Death Note or an Attack on Titan funko (can I have Mikasa?).


Another compartment might have a sci-fi theme and contain something like a Wookie hat or glow-in-the-dark  Iron Man socks. I am a huge fan of funny socks. So the weirder, the better!


And of course, there would have to be a bookish compartment as well. this could have stuff like Shadowhunter rune temporary tattoos, or a potion pocket hand sanitizer. I saw these and they’re so cute, I would love one!


And maybe also one of these cool ASOIAF related bookmarks, because what’s a bookish compartment without a bookmark, right?


So, this is a good idea of what my dream crate would look like. Let me know in the comments what you’d like to see in your dream box!

4 thoughts on “My Dream Crate

    1. I wanted to go on and on, but I felt like there were only so many compartments you could (sort of) realistically fit into one of those boxes. The sanitizers are adorable, though. I’m seriously tempted to get myself a set.

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