Soft Sadness, Hard Anger

I’ve always thought that sadness is gentle. It comes to you softly and wraps itself around you and then squeezes. Gently, slowly, sometimes almost imperceptibly. Until you wake up one day and you can’t even breathe.

Anger is hard. It’s cold and terrible. It hits hard and fast. Anger doesn’t pull punches. It hammers at you until either you break or it does.

Anger seems scary. And sometimes, it really is. It can leave you bruised and bleeding; it can leave you a mess of brokenness. But sadness… sadness is horrifying. Anger you can see coming, you can defend yourself. But sadness kills you before you even know it’s there. Be wary of anger, but fear sadness.

I realize this is a horrible Christmas post, but alas, it is the one my heart demanded that I write.

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