The Thrice Read Book Tag

This tag was created by the girls at Thrice Read (as the name suggests) and I stole it from them muahahah. Here we go.

What book defines you as a reader?

I don’t think any book defines me as a reader. I think every book I read defines me as a reader and so do the books I (actively) choose not to read.

Most unique book?

Hmmm… The Graceling series by Kristin Cashore and Bitterblue in particular. I just found them so unique among YA in their style and sort of… ideas I guess.

Which characters would play the Angel and devil on your shoulders?

Rhys would play both the angel and the devil.

Devil Rhys: *shoves hands in his pockets and grins wickedly* Come on, Romana darling. You know you want to spend all night reading.

Angel Rhys: You can’t always do what you want. You have responsibilities. Sometimes, sacrifices have to be made!

Devil Rhys: Responsibilities? *cocoons me in the most comfortable starlit darkness, perfect for reading* Darling, this the court of Dreams, not Nightmares.

Me: *looks at Angel Rhys pleadingly*

Angel Rhys: *rustles wings irritably and crosses his arms* 

Me: *bats eyelashes prettily*

Angel Rhys: *huffs* Yeah, alright… I make a good point. *rustles wings again and scowls* But if you can’t wake up tomorrow morning, I’m dumping a bucket of water on you.

Me: *grins*

Both of them: So, what are we reading tonight?

And that, my friends, is why I’m absolutely screwed. Also, yes I did just write a mini fanfic of me and Rhys, don’t judge me, I know you’ve done it too.

Book that represents each stage of your life (childhood, adolescence, adulthood).

Childhood: The Chronicles of Narnia

Adolescence: Strangely, The Harry Potter series. It was my rebellion of sorts. My dad had never let me read them before.

Adulthood: I don’t know what to answer for this one. I don’t feel like an adult.

Book that is your go-to reread.

ACOMAF. I’ve read it three times already. Also, the HP series. I’ve read that 3 or 4 times as well.

Book that surprised you the most.

Neanderthal Seeks Human by Penny Reid. I didn’t expect to like this book, but I really did.

Most read author?

Hmm… Cassandra Clare maybe? I’ve read all of her Shadowhunter books and also The Iron Trial. What’s the tally for that? 12? 13? Though… Joseph Delaney maybe. I’ve read most of his Wardstone Chronicles series. And that has 15 books? 16? I’m not sure. This doesn’t really reflect on my favourite authors though, more on what authors write a lot of books.

Which character is most like you?

Ugh, I don’t know. Rhys? Because of his combination of arrogant facade and low opinion of himself? Nesta because she’s fierce and would do anything for the people she loves, but doesn’t really give her love freely? Auri from the Kingkiller Chronicles because she’s anxious and perceptive? I don’t know.

What is your favorite nonromantic ship.

Can it be like a group? The Night Court (can you tell I’ve just finished re-reading ACOMAF?) also, Kaz and his group.

Do you prefer the hero or the villain?

I prefer a healthy combination. I like those morally ambiguous antiheroes that do the wrong things for the right reasons and the right things for the wrong reasons and are flawed and a little bit broken, but they’re trying to be good, they’re trying to be better, trying to be their best and they keep trying, even when they fail over and over again.



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