The Final Empire by Brandon Sanderson – RAVE


This series is my newest obsession. I don’t think I’ve been so absorbed by a book since I read The Name of the Wind. When I first heard about it, the magic system seemed a bit iffy to me and I wasn’t sure I would like it. BOY, WAS I WRONG! The magic system is so cool. Like, ingesting metals and then burning them for powers sounds kind of weird… but it works so well once you start reading it and it makes for the most spectacular action scenes ever. I was reading this book like:


This is one of those books where I really loved all the characters. I really loved the dynamics of the gang, but I especially loved the dynamic of Vin and Kell. Just that father-daughter-like relationship that they developed was so cute and I loved it! And then Kell went and got himself killed and I was like NO! I was so shocked. I didn’t see it coming… well I did, but I was in denial. And Vin’s reaction to it destroyed me more than anything. Oh, and that conversation they have not long before on the roof, where she asks him to promise not to leave her and he says he can’t make that promise because he knows he’s going to sacrifice himself just akjfhaga.


The scene with Kell in the mines gave me chills. Him remembering how it was to search for the geodes, the single, all consuming thought that he needed to find one to survive, not caring that his arms are being shredded open and his memories of his wife and…


Let me tell you about Elend. He is the most adorable, fluffy, clueless cinnamon roll ever. Walking around with his stack of books at parties. I could relate to him so much though. That is me. When him and Vin first meet and he just reads like the giant dork he is. That is what I do at parties too. And then Vin’s all annoyed like “‘Scuse you! I am hot, pay attention to me!”.  I love them so muchhhhhhh! They’re so cute! They gave me all the feels and I was so happy at the end.


Oh, OH! At the end, when Elend comes to ‘rescue’ Vin and she’s just like “Thanks baby. Here, hold my purse while I save everyone’s life like the BAMF that I am.” And he just takes it in stride like “Yup. My girlfriend just decimated 15 grown-ass warriors. Cool.”


The little paragraphs at the beginning of each chapter were so cool! I thought for the longest time that they were written by the Lord Ruler and I was trying to fit all the information together and it was just not clicking and I was so frustrated. But in the good way. I love when I have to figure things out in books and I especially love it when they trick me! And now I’m so excited to find out what actually happened to the person who wrote that diary and what the hell is the Deepness.



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