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I was tagged by SapientReader. Thank you for tagging me.

What is the biggest reason you read?

I enjoy it.

Book that changed you as a person?

I don’t think there is any book that has changed me as a person. Except perhaps the Bible.

A Book that everybody should read?

The Bible.

Which author would you like to meet?

Living, I’d love to meet John Green. Dead, C. S. Lewis.

Fictional character who you to befriend? ( not marry)

The squad in Six of Crows.

Which fictional character’s life would you change your life with?\

I’ve answered this question several times before and I’ve firmly established that the lives of the characters in the books I read aren’t exactly enviable. So like… Chairman Meow or Church from The Mortal Instruments.

Which part in any book that made you cry a lot ?

Ending of Clockwork Princess. 

merlin cant deal gif

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