5 Stages of a Reading Slump

I’ve been in somewhat of a reading slump for the past few weeks, which has been frustrating because I was doing so well with my reading challenge. I was ahead of schedule, I was going to finish it. But now I’m behind schedule and the end of the year is fast approaching. So anyway, I thought I’d break down for you the stages that I go through with reading slumps and I’m sure most of you can relate.

1. Denial

Reading slump? Me? No. Pfft, I never! I’m totally enjoying all the 15 books that I’ve started in the past 3 days. I just like multi-tasking is all. It’s not that I’m in a reading slump, it’s just that I’m too busy. I mean, I would read, but I promised my friend that I’d catch up on the last 4 season of Supernatural and I just can’t let her down like that…

Am I the only one who just straight up bullshits myself when I feel a reading slump coming on? It’s not even that I say these things to other people. I lie to myself. Why? Don’t know. It’s silly and accomplishes nothing. But I do it nevertheless.

2. Anger

I WILL read this book and I WILL enjoy it. I’m gonna finish it. Today. And then I’m gonna start a new one. Do you hear? Stop being so WEAK. Just because you’ve been awake since 5 am is no excuse for you to not read at least like 50 pages tonight, do you even call yourself a reader. SHAME!


Another stupid thing I do. I get mad at myself for not reading. And I think this has partly to do with the fact that I know that I enjoy reading. That it normally provides escapism for me. So when I’ve had a long day or a tough week, I want that escapism. I want the pleasure that reading brings me. Except, I’m not in the mood to read, so I’m not enjoying it and that makes me mad.

3. Bargaining

Okay, just read like one chapter okay. You’ll see, you’re gonna get really into it if you just read a whole chapter. Really, come on. Just… one more page, okay. Just read until the end of this scene and then you can maybe pick up one of those other 14 books you started and give that a shot? Or, you could even start a new one. I mean look at all those shiny, unopened books. Full of possibilities!


This is usually when I spend an hour just staring at my books and trying to decide which one to read. I usually end up with a pile of them on my bed and I open each one in turn and try to convince myself to read.

4. Depression

What’s the point anymore. I’m never going to get to all these books on my TBR and now the one’s I’ve already started are probably ruined forever and I won’t ever enjoy them. I just wasted money on them. I’m not a reader anymore. Who even am I?

Sometimes, being in a reading slump really upsets me. I’m not getting the escapism that I want, so the things that are already weighing on me, weigh all the more. And on top of that, there’s the (albeit irrational and unfounded) fear that I’m never going to enjoy reading again and that I’ve lost not only my favourite source of entertainment, but also part of myself. Which is absurd. But can’t argue with emotions.

5. Acceptance

Fuck it, I’m watching TV.

This is almost invariably what I end up doing instead and it’s when I finally get to this point where I just enjoy other sources of entertainment that I start craving books again.

This is usually the progression of my reading slumps. Let me know how reading slumps go for you and how you deal with them?

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