2018 Year in Books

I really enjoy making these end of year posts. I have so many ideas for posts. I’m not sure how many of them will actually materialise, but anyway here is an overview and some stats about my 2018 reading year. I guess this is going to be a relatively boring post, but I enjoy writing it so whatever.

2018 was a crazy year for me from so many points of view, but despite everything it was a pretty decent year reading-wise. It was the year I continued with series, which is something I’ve been historically bad at. I think I’m going to make another post in which I just talk about continuing series, but that’s something that I’m really pleased with.Β Also in that vein is reading other books by authors that I enjoy one book or series from.

2018 was also the year I really got into audiobooks, which was a format I wasn’t sure about. I’m still super picky about narrators, but I have enjoyed audiobooks quite a lot this year. I’ve also read a lot of books and authors that I’ve been meaning to read for years and it feels really satisfying to look over my read books and see all those titles that I’d been putting off for years. Even more so because pretty much all of them were books that I ended up loving.

edna win gif

I read 92 books in total, so I was 8 books shy of my Goodreads challenge. However, my initial goal was 60 books. I then moved it up to 100 because I decided to read all of Attack on Titan which meant that I read like 25 books in a week because manga is super easy to get through. So all in all, I’m pleased with the amount of books that I read and also with what books I read.

My average rating for 2018 was 4.3/5 stars. So I mostly read books that I really enjoyed. I had a few 2 star reads and some 3 star ones, but for the most part, it was 4 and 5 star reads for me, so I made some pretty good reading choices I think. I’m probably going to make separate posts about my favourite and least favourite books of the year where I can gush and be salty respectively.

I’m less happy with what I did blogging wise. I just did not have the time and energy to maintain this blog. I am so behind with reviews and I’m frustrated with myself because I really enjoy blogging and reviewing books. But I just haven’t found the motivation to this past year and that’s something that I want to be better at in 2019.

sheldon chamomile_gif

One thing that I wanted to do in 2018 and just didn’t was get rid of books that I don’t love. I’ve even decided what books I want to get rid of. But I haven’t actually done it. I haven’t picked them up and donated them to a charity shop. Just purely because I never found the time for it. But that’s something that I really want to do soon because i just don’t need those books to clutter my shelves when there are so many great ones I could replace them with.

I did do quite well this year with picking books that I enjoy, but I want to push that even more in 2019. One thing in particular I want to get better at is DNFing books. I will usually finish a book if I’ve started it even if i don’t enjoy it. But I don’t need that kind of time waste in my life.

This has turned into somewhat of a 2019 goals combined with 2018 overview. I didn’t really know what i was going to write when I started this out, so apologies for the rambliness, but I enjoyed writing it and i hopt you enjoy reading it.


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