October 2019 Wrap Up

I have read 10 books this month. I think that’s the most I’ve read in a month this year. Which is surprising, because I’m quite busy. But most of these were audiobooks, so that explains it. I listen to them while at work.

Jeff Wayne’s The War of The Worlds: The Musical Drama by H. G. Wells & Jeff Wayne

war of the worlds

This was a highly entertaining audio drama complete with sound effects. It was really fun listening to. It wasn’t the most outstanding story, but the format made it worth listening to. I do recommend it. It’s not very long, so if you like sci fi, you’ll probably like this. I gave it 3.75 stars.

Circe by Madeline Miller


This is a book that deserves its hype. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Also listened to it on audio and the narration was really good. This book reminded me of all the reasons I love mythology and I want more mythology written by Madeline Miller. It’s just great. I gave it 4/5 stars. 

The Two Towers by J. R. R. Tolkien


I carried on with my re-read of this series in October. I’m really enjoying them as audiobooks. I’m going to continue with the final one this month. I don’t think this book needs me to talk about it. 5/5 stars.

Words of Radiance by Brandon Sanderson

words of radiance

In fairness, I didn’t read the whole book this month. It is huge. But I did read a considerable chunk of it this month and finally finished it. I loved it even more than the first book if that’s possible. I already have book 3 and I am trying to restrain myself from jumping right in because I know I’ll have to wait a long time after that. So I’m trying to force myself to at least wait a few more weeks. This series probably my favourite Sanderson series that I’ve read to date. So yeah, super excited. 5/5 stars.

Hitman Anders and the Meaning of it All by Jonas Jonasson


This one was a bit of a disappointment for me. I really enjoy Jonas Jonasson’s books and this one wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t great either. I even unhauled it after finishing it. I did listen to it on audio and the narrator was great as usual, but the story and charactersjust wasn’t as good as his stories usually are. I gave it 2.75 stars.

The Bone Season by Samantha Shannon

I then started reading and quickly binged all the published books in this series (except for the novella). I’ve been putting this series off for a while, but as I often find it to be the case with series I put off, I really enjoyed it. I didn’t know much about it going into it. In fact, I knew almost nothing about it besides the fact that it was set in our world. But this is a very entertaining paranormal dystopian type story. It’s really addictive, it’s often dramatic and it’s super action packed. I gave the first two books 4/5 stars and the third 3.75/5 stars and I look forward to continuing with this series.

The Mark of Athena by Rick Riordan


I was really craving some more mythology after reading Circe so I decided to continue with this series. I’m  not enjoying it as much as any of his other series, unfortunately, but I want to get to The Trials of Apollo. It wasn’t bad by any means, but it was just not as much fun as his books usually are for some reason. I ended up giving it 3.75 stars.

The Bear and the Nightingale by Katherine Arden


Last, but certainly not least, I finally read this beautiful book. Another one I’d been putting off for ages, but ended up really loving. It’s just everything I love in a fairy-tale book. It reminds me of Naomi Novik’s fairy-tales and I just want both of them to write more of them. I already bought the second book and will read it as soon as it arrives. This book just made me happy and made me feel like a child reading it. 5/5 stars.

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