2020 Year In Review

My, my… what a year it has been. Many a thing has happened to me in 2020. I finished my masters, I moved to another country, I started a PhD, I spent an ungodly amount of time playing video games and what we’re really here to talk about, I read a bunch of books.

This year was an odd one, reading wise (as well as in many other ways). I read 83 books and the vast majority were audiobooks. Somehow, in a year where the one thing most people had an abundance of was time, I found myself feeling like I need to multitask while consuming my stories. I’ve also re-read a lot of books. Overall, I think it was a good reading year.

I started a lot of new series…

And I finished (or caught up) with many of them.

I read some books out of my comfort zone…

And many old favourites.

I found some new favourites…

Some good, but not quite favourites…

And a few I didn’t care for (though surprisingly few of them).

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