Expectations – Daily Prompt

I gave you a smile and expected nothing in return; I gave you a hand and expected nothing in return; I gave you my heart and expected nothing in return; I gave you everything I could and expected nothing in return. Or so I thought.

I was wrong.

When I gave you a smile, I expected it to make you smile; when I gave you a hand, I expected you to take it; when I gave you my heart, I expected you to want it; when I gave you everything, I expected you to need it.

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Heard – Daily Prompt

I heard you when you said you wanted a friend. I heard you when you said you needed some help. I heard you when you sighed, I heard when your heart broke, I heard you when your breath came hard and panic clawed at your throat. I heard you when you laughed, I heard you when you cried. I heard you when you thought there was nobody listening. I heard the inner turnings of you mind, I heard the quiet whispers of your soul. I heard you then, I hear you now, I will hear you always.

Do you hear me?

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About Political Corectness

Political corectness is society’s newest obsession. And like all obsessions, I think it’s becoming harmful and getting in the way of healthy interactions. I mean, I get it. I get where this obsession comes from, but the problem is that it stems from… almost a false sense of dignity. And it’s got to a point where you have to think 3 times before saying anything lest someone in your vicinity gets offended. That does not promote healthy communication.

Not only that, but it’s got to a point where it’s almost perverse in its mentality. An example that’s been recently on my mind for obvious reasons is when Christmas rolls around every year and you wish someone Merry Christmas and they give you this offended look and tell you very curtly “I don’t celebrate Christmas.” So what? Whether you celebrate Christmas or not, does not change the fact that it IS Christmas on the 25th of December. So if on the 25th of December, I wish you Merry Christmas, I’m wishing you a nice day. Why are you offended by that? Why can’t you just smile back and say “Thank you.”. I guarantee you that nobody who wishes you a Happy Christmas does so with any other intention that to simply share a little bit of joy with you. And what’s wrong with that? How messed up is it to get offended when someone wishes you a happy day just because that day holds a different significance for them than it does for you?

This is just one of the many, many instances when people get so butthurt about things that they have no reason to be offended by. And because of this, people live in fear of saying something that isn’t politically correct. It adds so much tension to social interaction, so much negativity to it. Instead of being so hung up on political corectness, we should just exercise respect and compassion for others. If we did that, nobody would care about political corectness. Nobody would feel the need to ‘defend’ themselves. Nobody would feel like they needed this false sense of dignity that political corectness affords them.

Not war, but fireworks

Not war, but fireworks

Another year has passed. What a strange and beautiful custom we have of shooting colourful rockets into the sky in celebration of an end meeting a beginning. As I sat outside watching the fireworks this year… mostly I just sat and watched and was. But in-between bouts of pyrotechnical delight, I had a few moments of contemplation and in those moments, when all I could hear were distant explosions and all I could see was smoke in the sky, all I could think was “This sounds like war.”

This is perhaps a strange thought to have, but maybe not so much. After all, fireworks are explosions, they are projectiles of sorts. and war is what we hear about all the time. I am extremely fortunate to live in a place that has not really seen war since WWII, but war is a real issue in many parts of the world. It’s very present in all of our minds, even if we are not aware of it. And then I started thinking how amazing that is and how fundamentally human it is. Not that war is always on our minds,but that we are capable of such awful things as war and yet we still retain the ability to make beautiful things, to be joyful and to share that with everyone.

There was a young couple on the street next to me, watching the fireworks and they were speaking to each other in their own language, unaware that I could understand it. And the girl was delighted by the fireworks. She smiled and pointed and clapped and her boyfriend was teasing her “You’re like a little child!” he told her at one point. And that got me thinking about joy, about delight and about how we associate those things with children. And that is so sad, I think, because it means that as adults, we stop letting ourselves be amazed and delighted and simply find joy in the simple things.

I think this is so much at the heart of our problems. I think if we could all find it within ourselves to just be amazed by life, by the world, by simple things – because the world is amazing, there are so may things that should fill us with delight, if only we took the time to appreciate them. If only we stepped away from this self-imposed “adult” mind-frame and just be like little children. I think our problems would be solved. I think then, upon hearing explosions, our first thought would be not war, but fireworks.

Happy New Year!

Soft Sadness, Hard Anger

I’ve always thought that sadness is gentle. It comes to you softly and wraps itself around you and then squeezes. Gently, slowly, sometimes almost imperceptibly. Until you wake up one day and you can’t even breathe.

Anger is hard. It’s cold and terrible. It hits hard and fast. Anger doesn’t pull punches. It hammers at you until either you break or it does.

Anger seems scary. And sometimes, it really is. It can leave you bruised and bleeding; it can leave you a mess of brokenness. But sadness… sadness is horrifying. Anger you can see coming, you can defend yourself. But sadness kills you before you even know it’s there. Be wary of anger, but fear sadness.

I realize this is a horrible Christmas post, but alas, it is the one my heart demanded that I write.

When Words Cannot Prevail

When Words Cannot Prevail

What do you say when words cannot prevail? How do you say the things there are no words for? Do you understand what I’m saying when I grip your hand until it goes numb? Can you read what my tears are saying? When my jaw moves up and down, up and down, but nothing but strangled air comes out, do you know what I’m trying to tell you?

What do you say when words cannot prevail?

Uncertainty – Daily Prompt

Uncertainty – Daily Prompt

When I think about you, it’s not the distance that’s the worst to bare. It’s not the silence or inconsistency or the confusion. It’s the uncertainty. It’s the endless stream of “or”s that tears me apart piece by little piece. It’s that when I ask myself why, I don’t have one answer, I have 10 and every day, a different one seems more likely. It’s that every question that I ask and every move that you make adds more possibilities, until I’m drowning.

This is what madness is. Madness is a chain of “or”s.

Art by Alex Hall

Unfinished – Daily Prompt

Unfinished – Daily Prompt

It all feels so unfinished. Like God got distracted in the middle of writing our story and forgot what He was going to write, so He continued with a different story. Continued with yours, but not with mine.

Sometimes I think that I was just not good enough a character to be part of your story. Or that I was so insignificant, so irrelevant that God simply forgot I was also around. But sometimes, in the early hours of dawn – the time of dreams – I wonder if maybe… maybe God didn’t forget at all. Maybe He’s just waiting for the right time to reveal the epic plot twist that will take us all by surprise.


Together – Daily Prompt

I dream of a time when we are together;

When your arms are my refuge and your heart is my tether.

I wish for the day when I will be free,

When my heart will belong to no one but me.

The dream fights the wish, the wish fights the dream,

Two shards of myself, such conflict within;

I wonder in the end which one will win,

The mind with the wish or the heart with the dream?

Despair Today and Hope For Tomorrow- An Original Story Snippet

About 4 months ago, I was in the shower when I got this idea for a story. Yes, in the actual shower. So, I started writing it and I can’t say I’ve made a lot of progress. It’s a difficult story for me to write because of the themes, so I can rarely write more than an hour on it. But anyway, today I decided I would share a little bit of it with you. You can read it here. I hope you enjoy it. 🙂